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Credit Reporting Agencies Making Mistakes On Your Credit

Credit Reporting Agencies Making Mistakes On Your Credit

If you are having problems with your credit reporting agency making mistakes on your credit. You need to get those problems fixed, the issue is if your credit is less than perfect then you will pay much higher interest rates for your credit. That could add up to thousands more in payments on houses, cars, and credit cards. In most cases you need to dispute the inaccurate information in writing and it is preferable to send the letter by certified mail return receipt requested. This way the credit reporting agency cannot claim they did not receive your dispute.

If they do not resolve your dispute then you may be able to hire an attorney to sue the credit reporting agency and your creditor for violations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. In some cases the credit reporting agencies have failed to correct obvious violations even after multiple dispute letters. This ends up costing you money, because it affects your credit negatively. If you would like more information you can call us at 952-294-0144 or find us online at

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