Gambling and Bankruptcy In Minnesota - Bolinske Law
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Gambling and Bankruptcy In Minnesota

Gambling and Bankruptcy In Minnesota

I see clients everyday who have issues with gambling and may be have to file for bankruptcy protection to cover those gambling losses. In some cases these clients spend every free dollar on different forms of gambling. Some of these clients like casinos, lottery tickets, scratch offs, pull tabs, and horse racing. The problem is when people gamble more than they can afford, so it is not an enjoyable pastime, but becomes an addiction. Once people are addicted to gambling it affects every aspect of their life, including ability to save for retirement.

Our office always advises clients that if they file for bankruptcy and continue gambling the bankruptcy will just be a temporary solution to their problems. If they continue to gamble they will find the debts will continue to mount even after the bankruptcy, and the paychecks will continue to disappear a Twin Cities gambling establishments. It seems that Minnesotans already have plenty of gambling options and do not need to have the State authorize any more ways for people to spend their hard earned money gambling.

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