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Facing financial hardships at some point during your life is not unusual. If you are planning on petitioning for Bankruptcy in Minnesota with Bolinske Law it is important to understand the procedure and process.

Step 1 – Consultation

In this step of the Bankruptcy Process, a 30 minute consultation is completed via telephone, skype or in person. Many potential clients cannot or do not want to drive to have quality representation. Bolinske Law is available throughout the state of Minnesota to provide representation. Everything we do can be accomplished via telephone, skype, email and fax. Our preference is to meet clients in person, however traffic and distance don’t always make in person meetings possible.

At the consultation you will go over your financial situation with an attorney. Many bankruptcy law firms set initial consultations with paralegals or support staff who cannot provide legal advice. At Bolinske Law you will discuss your debts, income and property with a licensed attorney who can provide you with legal advice.

Step 2- Document Gathering & Petition Drafting

Once the decision is made to move forward with bankruptcy it is important to move quickly. Bolinske Law will begin representing you with your first payment and all of our costs are a flat fee. You will know exactly what the cost is to file bankruptcy without the hidden costs that many firms use.

Upon your first payment you can refer creditors to us and we will contact creditors and direct them not to contact you again! We will also be drafting your petition at this time. Upon final payment your petition will be finalized.

Step 3 – Review & Sign

Your petition is being filed under oath and must be true and correct. Through spending 30 to 40 minutes we will ensure the information in the petition is correct. We will also go over any potential issues to ensure you understand bankruptcy law as it pertains to your case.

Step 4-Filing

Filing is what stops creditors from contacting you any further, no letters, calls, or contact what so ever. Creditors are also stopped from garnishing funds, even if they have a judgment. Your case is filed in Federal Bankruptcy Court and will be assigned a case number and trustee.

Step 5 – The Meeting

The meeting will be held in front of a trustee who is a court appointed person who represents the Department of Justice approximately 30 days after filing. The trustee will ask you 5 to 10 minutes of questions to ensure the information in the petition is correct. The meeting of creditors is your last chance to correct any errors or omissions. The meeting is not in front of a judge (likely you will never see a judge in your case). This meeting gives a chance to the creditors for asking you questions, but in reality, creditors rarely come to the meeting.

Step 6 – Discharge

The discharge takes place 60 days after the meeting. You are done, and you get your life back.

Step 7- Moving On

Total time from filing to discharge takes 90 days. Imagine life without creditor harassment, imagine creditors asking you to reestablish credit. Imagine life not having the stress and worry that debt brings. Bolinske Law takes great pride in helping clients get the fresh financial start they deserve. We help hundreds of Minnesotans every year, call us to discuss how we can help you.

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